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Friday, July 4, 2008

Change Management

Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in? Does it seem you have hit that ceiling and have gone as far as you can go? What about the experience of having the bottom drop out? It sure can feel like life has boxed you in, which makes you feel congested or suffocating…To Cultivate Change, my philosophy is that each of us is at some time constrained by:
  1. our beliefs and assumptions
  2. our learned behaviors
  3. our ability to evaluate our experiences
  4. our fears and resistances
  5. our definition of our “self”
  6. our distorted sense of reality

These are the 6 walls life presents us with to keep us boxed in. As you feel pressure or resistance from these “walls”, you may find it difficult to catch your balance. However, you should realize that there are skills you already have, which when paired with the right strategies, will actually allow you to easily leverage whatever experiences to bring your way…

It has been said that, with the right attitude, any thing is possible. Attitude does play a role. However, if you hold on to past experiences or make assumptions, you are pulling in on the walls that keep you where you are, in that comfortable place. If you continue to do things as you always have, how do you expect things to change? If you believe what you always believed, your results will be similar over and over again. Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results”. Something other than our circumstances must change in order for us to experience a different outcome.

Desire + willingness to change = Action & Action + Purpose = Fulfillment

hange is inevitable. Change is constantly occurring. The more we resist change, the harder our lives tend to be. And life has its own way of moving us forward. Some of the biggest hurdles to our progress come in the form of “life changing” events such as health issues, job loss, car accidents, and an act of nature. Many charities have started as a response to a “life defining” event for someone. Laws are established in response to a situation in someone’s life that was not desirable. Every change makes an impact on many people. You choose whether the impact on you is positive or negative.