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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Open letter to all my ‘Netas’…

Dear Netajis (Respected Leaders),
Anna Hazare’s, the hero of ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’, struggle saved you all (temporarily) from the ire of the youth by constructively channelizing the bubbling energy of the Country’s youth into a most peaceful ever, way of protesting in the modern times…! Have you ever seen such a refined struggle or dharna in our nation in recent times? How will you know it? Because you always practiced to unleash your paid goons to destroy public property to show your strength and thought that you are a winner!! Even for a regional bandh, you make our youth (in general) throw stones at the public properties and burn buses and block the travel of the most common people, even if it is a pregnant woman going to hospital or a critically ill patient begging for emergency care!
After every bandh/ hartal, crores worth of public properties are looted, destroyed and vandalized with your support and here is a 72 year old man, who had shown (Once again, after another man had shown it to British Govt. 64 years back) that there’s no need of violence to achieve our rights! Instead we only need guts, conviction and determination on your demands and goals! Only cowards need to take the path of violence and I know you don’t want to be called cowards! Millions of youth across the country participated in the fight by supporting this old warrior to make the so called ‘elected’ representatives (you & your colleagues) bow your heads in shame!
In the recent past, you and your species made sure that the country witnesses many outbursts in the name of religions, regions and castes! Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujjar etc., are few examples of such incidents and the whole nation witnessed the impacts of each of such protests. Every Telangana Bandh had millions worth of loss of public property and indiscriminate violence unleashed by miscreants and it was frightening for common man to come out of his house during those days! Is this the right way of protesting or fighting for your rights? All of you from various political parties should introspect this at the earliest as the youth is becoming wiser to distinguish between the genuine struggles like Anna’s and other manipulated protests where violence is unleashed not by common people, but by the goons promoted by you and your colleagues?!!
I have been repeatedly stating every now and then that the youth power of India is becoming restless as they are marginalized in various aspects and if we don’t channelize their energy to constructive ways, it’s going to be disastrous for all of you, who are engaged in manipulative politics! Anna Hazare’s gesture is a wonderful example set in front of all of you to follow and mend your ways of abusing the power given to you by the electorate! Remember, the same electorate across the country had supported Anna’s noble fight against corruption! So, if you don’t learn the lesson this old warrior had attempted to teach you, you will have a disastrous end in the near future!
So, my dear leaders, it is time to wake up and concentrate on some nation building with no other strings attached! I understand that it will be a difficult task for you as you had never thought about doing anything constructive, but I request you to be practical to survive and serve the nation, because, I know without you and your species, we the citizens of India would become leaderless and direction-less!! Hence, help us by waking up to the reality and mending your ways by adopting transparent processes for the betterment of common man's life!
Just to conclude, let me request you to kindly not to under estimate this achievement of Anna and go back to your favourite divisive political games as usual, since what happened in Jantar Mantar in last few days was just a wakeup call and as I had already mentioned, you were lucky to have received this call from an old warrior who believes in true values of ‘Ahimsa’ and peaceful norms of protest. It need not be like this always; if you don’t change your ways…Beware!!
Anticipating a positive and matured reciprocation from you and your colleagues,
With Love & affection,
Me – Aam Aadmi (Common Man)


Anonymous said...

Indeed very interesting sir...!
perfectly polite and still extremely powerful!

Anonymous said...

Dear Common man,
Well said,This is straight from my heart to all netas siting in ivory tower

PaddyPal said...

Thx for both the comments! However, if you can reveal your mail ID or any identity, it would have been wonderful for other readers as well!