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Thursday, September 26, 2013

To All My Brothers & Sisters of India...

My Dear Brothers & Sisters of India,

Being 'apolitical' has been a fashion or a symbol of being civilized (so called 'decency') till recently among middle class. However, of late, many people from this species realized the importance of participation in the political process and also understood the hidden agenda of the current political system which had strategically sidelined and deliberately kept away the 25%+ population of India outside active political process. In fact, the very 'apolitical' stand by this middle class of India had provided in a platter to the political hood-winkers to share seats among the goons and the influential class. I request you to kindly look around you to understand this further. Kindly post your feedback after checking out your constituency position - be it a municipal Councilor, MLC, MLA or MP. By a thumb rule, every one among them would be either an infamous goon or some influential dynasty' kid??!!  So, who's responsible for this? WE OURSELVES!

So, my dear brothers, sisters, uncles & aunties, kindly understand that it is high time to debate
and take a strong stand about the reforms required as it is a necessity of the hour and need to be welcomed. In this process of discussions and deliberations, one may come across many 'indigestible' views, but that should be taken in the best spirits and the end goal is to reach a common land/ approach which should pave way to a new beginning to eradicate criminals and dynasties from politics. Otherwise, we'll be electing criminals and goons and they would make laws to protect them (This is exactly what's happening in Parliament now). So, for heaven's sake, wake up and respond constructively as we have our last bus waiting in 2014. 

There's a huge change happening across the country and a movement is brewing exactly like in our freedom struggle days; choice is ours to become part of it or refrain ourselves. The future generation would not forgive us if we remain 'apolitical' now. We have an inspiring history to follow where our ancestors have jumped enthusiastically into the bus of freedom struggle facing hardships of their lifetime and sacrificing their normal family life. We're lucky enough that we don't have to face such hardships now, but if we leave this opportunity, our future generation would definitely be forced to face such music from these goons.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sensinomics – In a Banana Republic (Indian Version)

This is absurd! On a fine morning, rumours were in the newspapers about the possible climb down of petrol price in the context of Rupee regaining its value graph and stability of crude oil price in the International market in the context of Syria war getting distanced; thanks to Russian intervention. However, in reality petrol price shot up overnight?! A common man with minimum economic sense would not able to comprehend the reasons cited by the ministry, as there is neither a major fall of rupee from its previous day’s position and nor that Syria situation had worsened. In fact, Syria’s position had improved with the introduction of Russia – US pact! Another important aspect is that the Rupee gained value in the context of proposed news about the control over imports. Despite all these, our petrol prices are going skywards….What’s this (black) magic?

Economic common sense or ‘Sensinomics’ does not allow me to understand/ comprehend any logic offered by the Petroleum Ministry and other concerned authorities in unison, consistently over a period of time. Their pseudo genuine reasoning against the expected price climb down is that the effect of the Rupee gain will come into reality only after one or two weeks?? But when it comes to effecting the Rupee devaluation, it happens overnight?? Moreover, in the context of stable international price and relatively stable Rupee, why there is an unprecedented price rise? Inexplicable….?!

In this scenario, the Sensinomics do not understand the reason for the absence of role of the State with firm action?! Is our Government afraid of someone to act tough or is it just the lackluster approach?  The State is expected to assure the quality of life through timely interventions for the rights of the people and here is a republic where the State looks helpless at such junctures despite collecting multiple taxes and surcharges; ever increasing…! The taxes collected for petroleum products are much higher than the subsidy offered and there is a steady graph in the last few years, where subsidy is being cut down/ delayed and the price is made dearer & dearer….! In fact, it should have been in the reverse order. Sensinomics do not state that the subsidy should be increased; but I would definitely say the taxes and surcharges should have been kept at a steady level, at least for a financial year. These ‘Once-in-15 days’ price review brings these taxes and surcharges along with it which is not envisaged in our budget and this additional revenue is neither spent for the betterment of the people nor it is used to effectively bring down the price. In fact the tax envisaged during the budget is what is actually sanctioned and it should be kept as a fixed amount even in the scenario of ‘basic price’ increase. This will at least bring some relief to the common man. 

A recent survey indicates that 62% of the total consumption of petrol amounts to two wheelers and that belongs to the massive middle class or common man of the country. Hence, the increase of petrol price to save diesel price hike does not benefit the common man; instead, it directly affect the common man by increasing his daily expenditure. Sensinomics recommend removal of the ‘uncouth gooses’ sitting for a long time at the helm of ‘(Un)Planning Commission’; who neither understand anything other than their vested interests. This is the modest word I could find in the dictionary to describe them!

If we do not respond to such atrocities, those concerned will take us for granted and keep taking us for such grand royal rides…!

Note: It is 10 days since I started writing this and this so called 'petrol price reduction' has not happened yet...?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

All That Matters In Life!

It is very tricky to talk about what matters in one’s life. Personally, I would say that it is quite relational and varies from individual to individual. However, I would like to narrate something which touched me and inspired me to run over my setbacks and define what matters in life!

It was a cold morning in Shillong. I was reluctant to come out of my blanket when a loud tea call came from my friend. But then, how would he leave me happy like that when he got up and made tea in this ice cold climate? Murmuring absurd sounds, I drew myself out of blanket and walked lazily towards the dining table. My friend John was sitting there sipping the ‘Lal-sa’ (Decoction) with his head plunged into the newspaper. He seemed to have finished his routine gym and looked fresh! Now, I wanted to enjoy the Sunday by just not moving out of bed. In fact, I wanted to finish ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ of Chetan Bhagat, which I started yesterday late in the night. John was very quick to get ready to go to church and asked me to be ready to go out with him when he comes back. Though I asked several times about the destination, he told me that it was a surprise offering to me.

I got ready at my own pace and then waited for John for some time. On a Sunny Sunday, I felt it was too long by the time he reached, but then we got off quickly to the unknown (at least to me) destination. We had our breakfast at Shillong town and carried on to down under. I was zapped to realize that he had taken me to a missionary organization which ran a residential center for special children. He introduced me to Meghna, a volunteer who had the charge of managing the center and she welcomed us and took us around the facility to explain the challenges and excitements in running such an institution. Though the infrastructure was built by the missionary group, the unit was independent and considered as a separate cost center to sustain on its own! The children were waiting there to meet us! This was the moment that I realized that our man (John) had a clear plan and everything was discussed and fixed for my visit. Meghna discussed many things and among that she wanted me to suggest a micro enterprise for sustaining the center. The children seemed to love her a lot and were reluctant to listen to anyone else. We chalked out a plan to utilize the time of the parents and the teachers to start an enterprise and compensate them as well. We had our lunch there and by the time we left the place, this young lady had left quite an impressive mark on us!

While driving back, John explained me about the background of Meghna. She was the only daughter of a multi-millionaire of the region and after doing her masters in engineering; she pursued sociology and her passion for social work. However, her father wanted her to marry and settle down and that’s when she left her home and came off to this center and started working there. She stays there in an attached guest room and she had already changed the face of the center within few months. In this era of compromises of principles to accumulate wealth, here was one lady with a mission and unconditional love for those little ones who’re created special!

That evening was really haunting and I realized what matters in life to me and Meghna’s gesture had reiterated that all that matters in life to each individual is different and reaching there should be the mission of one’s life.