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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ostrich’s Attitude

We often tend to get into a mindset that we can escape from problems in life by keeping ourselves locked in a room and by not accepting, understanding or analyzing the signals of life around us. By doing this, we expect the problem to be resolved on its own or by somebody other than us and presume that we are safe, secure and insulated from any damages or consequences! This is like Ostrich’s belief of saving itself from scary situations by keeping its small head covered inside a hole, leaving its huge body outside!!

Most of the problems in our lives are created by us and we should realize the fact that it can be resolved only by us. We may or may not require external support to handle it, but reaching at a solution can only happen if we forefront the solution hunt. This is the primary principle I had learnt early in my life and I try to stick to this to the extent possible. The older generation used to blame the then younger generation (our generation) for their vulnerability to crumble under pressure. But most of us learnt hard way how to handle life challenges and pressures, but there were also people amongst us, who succumbed to the pressure and created a huge vacuum around them by unrealistic life practices and unnecessary burdens of ego and other baggage that comes with their artificial life styles. I know it is easier said than done, but then if you have a determined will, it is very simple to resolve.
Many of them from the Gen – X crib about the older generation about the restrictions they bring in their life and I’m sure that they’ll realize the meaning and purpose of those values later in life…! But by then, majority of them would have faced lots of brunt in life that it would have become irreversible for them to come back. Some of them fail miserably in life just because they ignored the warning signals in life at the right time…! I don’t say there is a well-defined formula or recipe for success or happiness in life, but then, there are multiple signals available from ‘Mother Nature’ to choose a better way of life. Our inner self or conscience is one of the smartest things available within, which will catch these normally invisible signals prompted by the nature around us and it actually keeps conveying everything to us, provided we listen to it. I had been interacting with various young people and could inspire many of them to do a self-analysis each day in life and most of them came up with exciting experiences and also some of them said me that it was horrible and made them sleepless…! The second group had impressed me a lot for their upright attitude and for the truthfulness in their self-introspection. If such an exercise left them sleepless, understand that it is a God given opportunity to correct themselves and move on…! Moreover, it is a signal of change the nature induces in them and it is definitely for their good! Expect the happier and more satisfactory times ahead and enjoy the freedom of feather lite mind and purified inner self which will depict your character and self-respect in the life ahead.
As I had mentioned on many occasions earlier, “Let’s not close our eyes and declare it is dark everywhere” like an ostrich feeling safe when its head is inside a hole leaving the whole body exposed..?! Let’s face the situation with enough precautions and guts and you’ll experience the problem gets dissolved like the dew drops in the rising sun! The prickling mind is the beginning of your purification process and like every creation process in this world, this will also be painful and one need to sense that it is for a beautiful time ahead.
When we talk about self-analysis, people mistake it for a scrutiny of materialistic transactions of a day and let me clarify that my perspective of self-analysis is never that and it is much beyond that. By Self-Analysis, I mean to listen to your inner self, which keeps interacting with you to guide you to be happy, content and right from your perspective. This is a natural phenomenon with every one of us and in this modern era of mad rush, we tend to ignore our conscience and that is where the trouble begins. Over a period of time, we become completely ignorant and this inner self/ conscience cease to respond to the situations and we end up making our lives a mess by just following our mind, which is like a monkey. Later we make another mistake of conveniently rationalizing everything by attaching it to various attributes of sensory organs and try to escape from the actual reality.
It is always better to come out of ostrich’s attitude on our own and face life as it comes and toughen ourselves to face this world with cool and pious attitude. However, if we don’t face it, the Life will present more shocking tremors to tackle!


Vibhu said...

Very very nicely written :)... liked it

Now I have bookmarked your blog link and will be a regular visitor for all your posts :)..

Madhavan Narayan said...

@indpad Nice thoughts. Can be summed up in brief: "Get real. Nobody owes you a living. Wake up and smell the coffee"

Madhvan Narayanan