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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are we aliens in our own World?

We are becoming more and more alienated in our contemporary society as the social evils, which we thought may happen only in un-civilized hamlets are regular practices here right under our nose and without even any attention from so called ‘creative’ media! When they are after political paparazzi, there are multiple miseries of common man which gets neglected.
When one of my friends went to Bihar to pursue his MBA after completing engineering, we all thought he’s mad! When he came back after a year on a vacation, we were eager to know about his experiences and as expected, it was virtually fitting every bit of our imagination and perception! He told that the exams were conducted on knife-points and there was absolutely no safety of life. Though the first point was very tempting for us, the second made us decide against going there…! However, my friend completed his MBA from there and he was safe & secure to that extent. He died of a sudden cardiac arrest few months back and it made me think what do you mean by safety of life??
I came across a group of teachers who are assigned with the duty of invigilation for the S.S.L.C exams at a particular school where we had installed a wind pump for lifting water from the well to the overhead tank under a scheme from Ministry of Non – Conventional Energy Sources. Though I was not a student of this school, I had been there several times on & off school time during my tenure as a member of a world bank aided Tribal Development Programme and we conducted several workshops in that place. We used to have great respect for that school as it was one among in the state border which had lot of tribal and under privileged students of the area. When I met these teachers recently, it was shocking for me to listen to horrifying stories about the same place which were similar to the Bihar stories I heard from my friend! It seems copying (especially from private streams) is very common and the invigilators who take action are victimized outside school and when the vigilance squad comes on visit, they throw their ‘bits’ to the corner and after they leave the place, the invigilators are asked to fetch it back?!
This narration by those horrified teachers is really instigating me to think that people who adore values and principle are becoming aliens in our society and leaves many questions un-answered?! Are we living in a banana republic? Where are we heading towards as a society with animal instincts and jungle rules? All these attribute to my earlier notes on the outburst of the marginalized, which will be a tragedy of the century for generations to come.  This also points towards the famous ‘20th December 2012 (20 12 2012)’ theory and hope there will be movements to save the mankind!

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