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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Idea Star singer 2007

Idea Star singer 2007

Monday, January 21, 2008

Indian Of the Year

Every other channel is competing with each other to find their own brand of Indian of the year, nowadays...!! Some of them had already come up with the results and many are in the process of selcting one....!!!

Each channel has their own number of panel members and a small group of 'elite' audience to influence the selection and the viewers are asked to spend their valuable 'INR' by sending SMS to effect their vote for their choice from a small choice list of people.

The funniest thing is that as a person, I failed to understand the logic and the methodology of selection of these panelists, audience and ofcourse, the nominees....!!! It is really entertaining when you come across some panel members and even some of the nominees....!!! But in this era of media 'company', we are all helpless spectators and preys...!!!

As I was forced to watch many of these shows to avoid the saga of 'saas, bahu and their poor hubbies', it was startling to see some shady ones on the dias and talking about patriotism and other developments of the mankind....?! They talk as if they've presented a thesis on this subject.

n one of the channels' choice list, I came across Shah Rukh Khan (for his role in Chak De ), Chak De girls, Rajinikanth etc. in the category of entertainment. It was sad to notice that the name of Mr. Negi ( The film was made on the true life story of this great player of yester years, who went on to coach the world cup winning women's hockey team later, to prove his commitment to the country which was under scrutiny once ) and no one in the dias, nor in the audience had the senses to mention his name even....!! However, I had only one consolation uttered to myself......"hey cool yourself dude....This is Thackerays' and Bachans' and Laloo's get noticed....not a straight forward, conscience pricking citizen like Negi".......Yes, definitely India is shining...!!!!!!!

This is happening across the channels in their respective quality levels and I would like to end with only one comment, that in no channel the equal opportunity is provided.....!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Freedom of Unbiased Thought Process & Expression

This is a very funny memory which makes me and the people around me to laugh on and on.....This happened when I was studying in 2nd std in Govt.Aided Lower Primary School in Kerala. My class teacher used to send my classmate to get tea from his father's shop nearby during our second period every day. Seeing this I too had a desire to drink tea and one day I got money from home ( the tea costed 10 paise ) and gave this chap and asked him to bring one tea for me too.....Seeing another tea cup ( Steel tumbler and a cup under it) a surprised teacher asked him, whom did he bring it for...? The innocent chap told that he brought it for Padmanabhan....!!! First the teacher burst into laughter and then he scolded me saying that students are not allowed to drink tea inside the class room....!! He allowed me to drink tea saying that it is only one time excuse....!!!!

That day evening, the teacher came all the way to my house for the dinner to meet my dad and they were laughing, citing my mischief.....I was literally embarassed at this sight and my dad called me and told softly that whatever I had done was wrong, because it will tempt others to do it and the discipline of the class will be affected. Immediately I had an answer ready with me...' I got tempted because teacher was drinking in front of us...' . Teacher and dad went into another series of laughter and in the end he told that he had learnt a great lesson from me and next day onwards he stopped drinking tea inside the class room.

I still say this example at all the orientation classes, I had taken for teachers across the country during my social development projects. I owe my dad a lot for the freedom of thought process, he induced inside us and the freedom to respond to anything, even if it is done by him and he used to remind us no one is unquestionable in this world....including U and me!!

Note: I dedicate this post to that innocent friend who used to bring tea for the teacher, who went on in his life to become a "Chenda" artist (A traditional musical instrument of Kerala) and left all of us due to an unprecedented heart failure during a performance at Sabarimala Temple in the laps of Lord Ayyappa.