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Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Value for Human Lives!

I resumed my morning walk a few days back after a break of 12 days and came across this incident, which is boiling inside me and I wanted to share this to all my friends and if anyone could do something in this regard, I will be a satisfied soul!
As usual, we (me and my friend) started at around 5.30 AM in our regular route, which is about 5.5 KMs. Approximately, 2 KMs down the route, we had seen a small crowd and when we went near them, we could see an old man lying on the road with blood oozing out of a wound on his forehead and someone said that he was hit by a vehicle and the vehicle sped off without stopping. Though the man was conscious, he was neither able to tell us his address nor could he remember any phone number. He seems to have come for walking and had only a ‘heritage’ milk card on his pocket. I immediately called up “108 Service” and they took 20 minutes to reach the spot. They gave the first aid and it was shocking for me to know that they don’t take the patients to the hospital without an attender?! By then, our man managed to tell us his address and we arranged an auto and another youngster who was standing by initiated to go with him to his house.
However, it was really absurd as the very purpose of ‘108 Service’ is to provide quick service to the accident victims by minimizing the time delay in hospitalization and to provide ‘First Aid’ to save lives! If such a service has to wait for an attender to accompany them to go to the hospital, it will delay the process further and defeat the very purpose of this service. Apart from this, the quality of the call center had gone down to the extent that I struggled to explain the location in English and had to ultimately hand over the phone to another person who knew the local language!
We as a nation give more value to all paper works, rules and regulations than for the ‘Human Life’ in every institution we come across! In the process, most of the times we conveniently forget all these rules and laws are made to safeguard the life of every human being, who are in the jurisdiction of this country. The life is the most precious one to be protected regardless of Nationalities, Regions, Religions and any other factors for that matter! Every rule/ law of this country intends only to protect it and not to neglect it under any utopian pretext!
I feel terribly sorry and guilty for the helpless situation I was put in on this morning and I want every sensible activist to take this issue up to discuss with concerned authorities to make necessary amendments to the rules and in my level, I’m initiating to meet up concerned authorities to discuss this issue as soon as possible.
For all those walkers and joggers, kindly carry some identification details and emergency phone numbers with you for empowering others to help you better.

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