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Friday, July 4, 2008

The act of wealth making…!!

Making wealth by working hard was never a sin anywhere in this World. Even Indian epics describe about wealthy people like ‘Kubera’ and depicts Lakshmi Devi as ‘Godess of Wealth’. This preface was to express that even I am personally not against the act of wealth making.
However, I have my own principles and values driven way of doing it. These values were induced by a very strong system prevailing in my maternal family which was traditionally land lords & orthodox. What I mean to say is that genuine & very principled way of wealth making was encouraged in my family and equally and still more aggressively, in-genuine/ over night way of wealth making was criticized…! My father had a humble beginning and a strong will and hard work took him to heights. However, he remained a good human being first and then a good professional. He had preached only what he practiced and he is still one of the most influential human being in my life, who actually moulded my character. I am inspired to continue in the path right to my conscience with an unbiased thought process and I strongly advocate for values in this world of opportunism and unethical ambitions. I come across many stagnant phases in life which could have otherwise made me ordinary in the name of pragmatism. However, around me I see a huge group of people, who just consider that wealth making is the only goal in life and they take pride in adopting any mean way to achieve this. Here, I would not blame them as individuals, instead the system prevailing is corrupting their minds.
Again, there are 2 categories of people, one who don’t bother much about anything else and admit or get exposed about the hollowness in their thought process. Their thoughts & actions are very visible and they don’t mind about that at all. They normally do everything to acquire wealth and they do all the possible gimmicks to show off that they have got wealth by purchasing material assets to the extent possible and then talking about it in every occasion regardless of suitability. These kind of people are very commonly seen in our every day encounters in life. I had always been empathetic with these people depending on the base character of them. Many of them were very plain and the actions they do are basically a reflection of many psychological suppression they were forced to do during their tender years due to lack of every thing, what they enjoy right now. However, some times these people go weird in some of their actions, which makes me intolerant. The second category we’re talking about is very different from the former one. These people are comparatively educated and having good knowledge about what is good and what is considered not good. Some of them are even philosophic and devotees of one or more modern Gurus too. Now, up till this point everything looks perfect, rosy & decent. But, when it comes to wealth related issues, these people shreds off those philosophical mask and come out with the real ugli face and make you feel shame of being close to them. These people try everything to avoid getting exposed in this front, but miserably fail to do so…. Personally I have lot of reservations to associate with these pseudo philosophers. Some of them ( whom I had come across ) had criticized me stating that I am not fit to survive in today’s practical world. I always have heart felt pity for them and seriously, I can only be sympathetic to them. I would like to quote a story to express my view on ethical/ unethical wealth per my view...any similarity of the characters with anyone is just coincidental ....

They are flamboyant… They are talked about every where… Their father had a humble beginning and grew the business in front of their eyes… After his death both together took over the conglomerate and finally, in this journey of so called success, they both split to grow further! They have the best possible influence in any possible governance of the Country.

Interesting ….is it? I had read many articles about them and in one of those, I came across a sentence mentioning that ‘wealth creation is no more considered a sin in India’ and hence they decided to join and continue with their father’s business…!! As a matter of fact, the genuine way of wealth creation was never considered a sin in India and it is all the same ever.

As a common man, I was always an admirer of them and used to quote them as visionaries, in my interactions with many people across the country. Of late, I had an opportunity to evaluate some of their group organizations to find out how some of my clients can do business with them and in the back ground check, I was startled to know that they never keep up their promises as far as financial commitments are concerned and hence, I recommended my clients to ignore the proposals, however big and promising it may seem to be… Recently, in an interview in a leading news channels, there was a question asked by the interviewer to one of these brothers…that’s when the other one opened an IPO and got over scribed by the public…!!! She asked when shall she expect an IPO from him ( The other brother who was interviewed) and his answer was that he has enough money, so he doesn’t have to go to the market. But now my question is that the money he is arrogantly boasting of having is whose money…? His business associates and the service providers and the suppliers of his organizations are the scape goats………!!! Is this ethical? I know there are many small time service providers who literally cry to survive due to either late or no payments from his organizations…!!! And you are in the process of building a billion dollar home for yourself and you are in the list of first ten rich people according to Forbes business magazine…and so on…!!!

Despite all the accusations his late father faced, he was never reluctant to pay his associates. He used to understand the need to feed them as they were the back bone to his growth…? Is it that this son of that father forgot that a business is built on the values it carries over a period time? Or is it the beginning of the End, which may eventually come over a period of time……? It could be possible that despite all the sophisticated systems they had put in place, the people in the mid-management levels are goofing up things in order to achieve appreciation and there by their personal gains by sycophancy and a virtual improvement in the cash flow at the cost of poor suppliers and service providers.

As far as these poor species of suppliers/ Service providers are concerned, neither they have the strength to fight the huge muscles of such a conglomerate, nor that anyone will help them in fighting these ill practices..!! Many of them tried to borrow and sustain and eventually perished in the process as the margins with such a big deal used to be always wafer thin…and some of them terminate the contract and write off what is due to them.

Is this the right way of wealth making? Is this what business is all about? Is this the ethical way of doing business? This particular way of wealth creation is still a sin anywhere in the world. People simply don’t bother to think about others when it comes to money…!!

Many a times I used to wonder whether I’m wrong in expecting the business to be ethical..?! However, each time I come across some of the well run business which do not vary on policy decisions and very specific & clear about what they promised, what they are doing and what they want to do?, I am reminded that I’m not wrong. These business groups commit only what they can do and nothing else…!! Very clear and ethical and their business is steady for years together and some of those business houses are older than both these brothers…!!

My request is that I still have great appreciation for their achievements and what I expect from them is that they will have a periodic feed back from the public & associates which should be able to keep them informed of what’s happening around…

I don’t aim to be the number one in what I am doing…I would like to be a good human being doing ethical business for safeguarding my investors’ aspirations by doing an ethical and legal business respected and appreciated by every one associated with me.

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