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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Silent Invasion

A few years back, one of my friends from Botswana told me about how African countries were economically invaded by Chinese! If you observe the incidents of recent past, one would amaze at the strategies they adopt to pursue their interests with precision planning and clinical execution. In most of the African countries, they had built infrastructure at free of cost and as a return of goodwill, flooded those markets with Chinese products (excessively produced to bring down cost of production) and they have the range of products to suit each strata of society. The usual trend is that a family would migrate and set up a small shop to sell the products and over years, they would establish a colony of shop keepers to spread their net. In the meanwhile, their Government supports them by bilateral agreements and other facilitations to cement the market forever.

In fact, in some other countries where high levels of social security measures are prevailing, the Chinese migrants’ master plans forced those countries to stop such privileges to all migrant communities! If I recall a meeting with a Chennai based investor, who was close to the TN power houses, it was Indians and that too Central Ministers from Tamil Nadu who were given the first right of refusal for building world class ITES infrastructure in Srilanka, just after the ethnic crisis was over. However, as usual we were over confident and our lethargy in decision making gifted a huge opportunity to impatiently waiting Chinese. This lapse in governance not only affected India’s business interests, but deflated strategically maintained position in a country which looked expectedly at India at each juncture of political crisis??!

China had worked hard in every industry sector and took giant leap forward in comparison with India. Though they have been vigorously trying to bridge the gap in IT industry with India, they could not achieve this according to their set targets. However, of late, what is observed is a course correction in their strategy to focus pragmatically on technologies which can be adopted fast. One among such areas of their interest is animation vertical. Close observation reveals that they had advanced well ahead and their marketing tactics is quite simple as usual. Mediocre Quality at low cost or Low Quality at lowest cost!

The global animation industry had grown fast and touched US $500 billion and in US it is now, one among the first ten industries. In Japan, it had already crossed its flagship automobile industry. China had grown faster in this sector and they are moving fast towards a silent coup like what they had done in other verticals & markets.

I had written this note after observing the content of various channels which telecast a range of animation serials. Like we watched Donald Duck, Mickey, Tom & Jerry in our childhood days, our children watch a large number of Chinese characters day-in and day-out, in every other channel which targets such young audience. I think our children are undergoing a cultural invasion through these alien characters to our culture and not surprisingly most of these animated characters come from China for obvious reasons. These channels opted for cheaper alternatives in comparison with standard Walt Disney animations. The characters and the nauseating dubbing make these animations sub-standard apart from their ugly looks. My predominant concern is the lack of logical stories for these contents and its wrong influence in these young minds, which are in their formative years.   Recently I searched for one of the award winning animations, the ‘ek chidiya anek chidiya’ which was created by Films Division of India at animation center of NCERT, which was telecasted by Doordarshan and the link is as follows….

If the production houses, channels and their audience don’t put their act together and bring the change to the industry, there are multiple disasters waiting for us –
1)          The slow cultural invasion which will create a Generation of morons.
2)          The China’s dominance in yet another industry, where our country can heavily contribute               with unlimited talents.
3)         The absence of passing on the rich cultural heritage and those stories we heard from                  our Grand Parents, which asserted value system in each one of us.
4)          Above all, there’s a huge but strategically silent financial drain, like in many other sectors.

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