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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Queen Bee and the Innocent Scapegoats

All my readers should have seen Bee Houses and the behaviour of Queen Bee. If not, kindly observe it at the next possible opportunity. I had seen my farmer friend Mohanettan shifting a complete Bee House by just capturing the Queen Bee and putting it in an empty match box and transporting it in his bike. Along with him and his bike, the entire battalion of Bees travels to the new destination!

At last, after such a huge hue & cry, Bansal had submitted his resignation. He was asked to do so by the Prime Minister. And, the Prime Minister was asked to do so by Sonia! Now, if you take this Government’s track record you will see some of the wonderful ministers had either quit under scams or still facing charges.

The crooks in politics mostly get away with their corrupt practices because they know how to tackle an accusation and also to manage an enquiry well. This had been the tradition of Indian politics across party lines for years together. Of late, when Manmohan Singh and his colleagues took charge, it was inspiring to see that many of the ministers were falling in qualified class and they were having a clean back ground. Still there were some of the veteran corruption kings as well in the ministry from both coalition parties and congress. Surprisingly, if you see the number of ministers who had to face scam charges, most of them (Not all) have been these people with clean track records?! To people who look at the surface of it, it is quite natural to feel that these people have transformed themselves at the corridors of power. But, there are quite a few unanswered queries for anyone who would like to think beyond the shallow waters…

See the scam matrix and the names and correlate it with the following queries….

Scam Gate
A K Antony
Tatra, Augusta Westland and more to come.

Pawan Kumar Bansal
Railway Board appointments

Ashwini Kumar
Cover Up of Investigation on Coal Gate Scam.

ShashI Tharoor
Acquiring sweat equity for his girlfriend before she became his wife.

P Chidambaram
2G and more to come.

P C Chacko
JPC Report Adulteration

Sheila Dixit
Delhi CM – Scams from CWG and so on.

Salman Khurshid
As Law Minister, Scam of the trust headed by his wife came up. Tried to cover up & justify Robert Vadra during DLF Scam came up. As Foreign Affairs Minister, multiple flip ups in the case of accused Italian Naval officers who killed fisher men in Kerala.

Manmohan Singh
2G, Coal Gate, Cover up of Coal Gate enquiry report, etc.

  1. How can people with clean images made over their life time forego it for corrupt money which they had never touched so far in their life-time owing to the principles they upheld through their political career?
  2. It is unbelievable that people who had ditched their close colleagues for being corrupt and upheld their clean image had gone berserk after money at the peak of their political careers??!
  3. Sheila Dixit, just after her first term was not in the good books of Sonia, but she was loved by the people for her development works. However, after she came back for the second term, overnight political drama made her favourite of the high command and then onwards her public image declined sharply, thanks to multiple scams including the Common Wealth Games. Remember, she was the one who received appreciation for Delhi Metro ‘on time’ commissioning and she had never intervened during Mr. Sreedharan’s clean execution of the project. Her transformation into a corrupt politician after she became blue eyed baby of the high command spins lots of questions to the common people of India, naturally. In fact, there was a period when she was not sharing dais with the party President (rather vice versa) and was rumoured to resign from the CM post! 

All the above factors indicate to the involvement of the Party Leadership in successfully transforming some of the Country’s cleanest politicians into the most corrupt individuals?! We the AAM AADMI (Mango People as per Vadra’s definition) of this country should sense this as a wakeup call as British had looted India for centuries together after Moguls.  Beware, now it is time for another to loot India, if we do not wake up and resist. 

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