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Monday, November 21, 2011

An ode to a Legend

  “Let me keep a petal of silent prayer
          In front of his soul and legacy he left with us,
         To follow and to practice,
         Though, with broken hearts”

One of the most influential people in my life is my Dad. I know this may look like a cliché for many, but I can’t keep myself away from proclaiming it as I owe him so much for whatever I am, as a human being.

In Haridas Master, I lost the second most influential person of my life. He was Pallassana’s ‘Hari Mash’.

Haridas Master was my Mathematics Teacher in 8th and 9th Classes. These were my years of transformation as a Maths student since I hated Maths till then! He definitely had a magical wand to attract his pupils towards the most prejudiced subject. In fact, my Dad used to meet him every day during his evening walks and explained him about my perceived fear of Maths. I still don’t know what magical touch had transformed me, but the results were magnificent. I’m ever indebted to him along with all other lives, he had transformed in his life time.

As it is nostalgic to remember about those formative years of life, I can’t stop writing without mentioning about the unified efforts taken as a team by those self-less teachers with great dedication. During SSLC, it was like a very well conducted orchestra and I remember the Maths Team - Sudha Teacher and Sasidharan Master under the leadership of ‘Hari Mash’! From Santhiniketan (a Tuition Centre adjacent to School), there was Jayaprakash Master too, who contributed in introducing us to lots of innovative tools and methodologies. In fact, during those days we were given exposure to today’s work sheets by ‘JP Mash’. The most important point was that these new tools were immediately accepted and adapted by our formal teachers without any resistance as they found it was very useful for the students. I don’t know how many of such teachers exist today who adapt innovations, so quickly?! Predominantly we should thank the bold leadership of ‘Hari Mash’, who initiated and led this positive change in teaching.

Another factor was the inspiration to see and enjoy ‘Kathakali’ more seriously. Over a period of time, the ‘Kathakali’ in Pallassana and ‘Hari Mash’ became two inseparable entities. I remember the tiny ‘Krishnan’ along with him among the ‘Kathakali’ audience during the annual ‘Pazhayakavu Temple Festival’. Pallassana will definitely miss 'Hari Mash' a lot during next year's festival.

As a matter of fact, in this world of Public Over-Display of Affection (it is no more PDA, now it is PODA), we shared a subtle relationship with lots of affection. We had numerous constructive discussions on various issues and on devising new techniques to introduce applied Mathematics to the young minds to inculcate a Mathematical culture and make them aware of its pragmatic applications in life.

Thanks Hari Mash…
Thanks from a million minds!
Inspiring mortals was your destiny
You will keep doing it in your absence too.
Through me and all of them, forever!


Chandra Sekharan Menon said...

Dear Paddy
Well written and I can certainly it is coming from a pure heart. We never appreciate certain things while we think it is just "granted" but we miss personalities like this when they are no more with us. This teaches us all a lesson, be kind to all while "alive" so that the person knows he is really appreciate that appreciation.
Thanks for posting my message
With regards
Chandrasekharan Menon

Pradeep Nambiaar said...

Dear Paddy Ettan:

Great, well written

All the best

Pradeep Nambiaar

PaddyPal said...

Dear Chandran Uncle & Pradeep Ji,

Thank you very much for your comments. You are right, Chandran Uncle! Our Society don't appreciate, praise or recognize such great people's contribution during their life time and we talk good after they pass away. However, in Hari Mash's case I have been vocal about my transformation from a maths hating individual to adopt maths as my primary subject of studies, every other platform I have been in. Apart from this we had discussed on various possibilities of making maths interesting to the students and he in fact, had started exploring some of the online models created by some ex-IITians who are known to me like '' and 'icoachmaths' to do some experiments. But by then the destiny had other ideas with him. After he became ill, obviously his priorities had changed and those thoughts remained unfulfilled. I still dream to create a knowledge hub in our village to expose our kids to the quality of international research and possibilities to tap,orient and nurture their potential to its fullest. I believe Hari Mash's invisible presence and his blessings will be there with us on this project. Plz share your thoughts in this regard.