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Monday, October 31, 2011

End this Intolerance & Impatience…!

When you go through the media, be it Television, Newspaper and/ or Micro – Macro Social Networking sites, you get a feeling that no one is happy and everyone is intolerant towards others and everyone is impatient to accept and analyse their failures. They all find some medium to vent their ire towards almost everything they deal with in their daily lives!

There’s an air of suspicion and hatred and more and more people are becoming unhappy and bombs explode in regular intervals across the globe. Where’s this universe heading? Is it reaffirming the 2012 theory? Recently, I met one of the spiritual gurus after the ‘Navaratri Pooja’ and talked for some time. During his discourse after pooja, he was urging the disciples to have a self-analysis and a course correction to lead a healthy and happy life. I don’t know how many of them understood it, among those who were assembled there, as many of them were in the last phase of their life. I was going there after a long gap and earlier I had seen youngsters who used to be there to organize such events and now I observed that the vibrant presence of the youth is missing there. Later the Swamiji confirmed that those who used to be there had either got transferred in their jobs or got absorbed in their work pressure and not able to find time at all…!

Now, with the ‘wall street capture’ movement gathering momentum, it is evident that people across the globe have been suppressing their insecurities and intolerant desperations all these while. Given a chance, this is erupting and gathering the imaginations of millions across the globe. Where do we go from here? This is ‘the’ big question we need to ask ourselves and the answer is simple and within our inner selves!

The tolerance is always a relative term or act as it could be quite different for different individuals in a constant situation and it could also be different for same individual in different situations. It may also depend hugely upon the ‘bio-rhythms’ of the individuals as well. So the reaction to a situation can vary on the basis of multiple reasons, logic and facts. Above all, intolerance can be kindled by the act of external forces’ brainless attitude or sometimes, it can be deliberately programmed to execute.

However, as I mentioned earlier in this article, the solution is very simple and this can be addressed by our own small acts! This applies to everyone from street side worker to the chair-persons/CEOs of large organizations. Understand the fact that the mother earth has resources to share to its children, but then we the children have a critical responsibility to use it with deep caution. Our needs, comforts and luxuries should not turn into greed and exploitation of these abundant resources, which is also meant for other cohabitants. Of late, what we witness is the thrust for more & more from every other corner and this is reflected in the agenda of the corporates and conglomerates as well! This agenda of corporate greed is well disguised in the name of ‘investor friendly’ approach and such beautiful vocabulary of jargons!

Whenever we forget those small recognitions of others’ needs, we are bound to face the music of the ultimate caretaker, who’s always watchful on all of us…! There are classic examples of this everywhere in the world and one such example is as follows…

Great Britain/ United Kingdom is one such country which was infamous for its successful invasions and also for looting wealth of the invaded countries. They successfully master minded and used technology to build systems to transport that wealth to their country. As I keep telling, the world is a full circle (easily told as ‘Duniya Gol Hei’ in Hindi) and to describe it more significantly, you start where you end! If you observe the current economic crisis, even after centuries of looting, they are not able to sustain the wealth they had looted from others and this is a pointer to the corporates to realize ‘Nature’s Justice’ and mend their ways to initiate partial distribution of this created wealth through well-conceived and genuinely executed social development programme. Then you become an idol in the minds of common people and in the process, refrain from marginalizing sizeable proportion of the population and thus keeping them under their tolerance levels.

This intolerance will vanish if each of us (individuals, organizations, establishments including governments) initiates a self-introspection and self-control to take course correction to recognize and empathize with others’ needs, thoughts and expressions. 

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