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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Product Support – Two awesome experiences!

I would like to share some awesome product support experiences of mine with all of you…

Let me start with the recent experience I had from Logitech, who sells a number of computer accessories/ gadgets and peripherals. I bought a wireless mouse and Keyboard combo from one of the local dealers and within few days, I lost the USB dongle which receives wireless signals from both the devices and I was forced to keep both mouse and keyboard aside as they don’t function without this receiver, which needs to be inserted in the USB drive of the system. I was little upset and tried to source it from the vendor who supplied it and the blunt answer was that it will not be available as the receiver was uniquely created for these combo products with the serial number. I went to Logitech website and explained my helplessness.

Within 12 hours, I received a mail from their Australian support centre assuring me of a replacement and asking me to confirm the product information (Serial Number, Product Code, Model, etc.) and on confirming the same I received an acknowledgement with the approximate processing time. I was excited and after few days, as I couldn’t hold on much, I had sent a reminder enquiring about the status and received a reply next day, stating that the part had been already shipped before two days and likely to reach anytime next week! I received the courier exactly in 2 more days without any fuss…! No chaos, no follow up with the courier, no address checks, nothing….! The Courier was UPS...! Hats off to Logitech support team…they had won me over! I would suggest every one of you to follow the following process to get maximum support for your product from the manufacturer….

1)  Keep Your invoices (Though not necessary in all the cases)
2)  Register the product in the manufacturer’s website.
3)  Send an email through the ‘contact us’ page of the website.
4)  You are 100% likely to get the solution.

Don’t ever call the call centres and toll free numbers as the people at such centres, many a times, don’t even understand your problem and end up complicating issues…!

Another classic example of customer support was from ‘Transcend’. I had a 2 GB Transcend USB drive with lifetime warranty and it stopped getting detected after few months of usage. When I contacted, they asked me to send it to their local logistic center (which was in Mumbai) by courier. They acknowledged the receipt of the product and then intimated me that within 20 working days they will replace it. Exactly on 11th day I received the dongle back with a DD inside the cover for `50/-, which was the courier charges I had incurred for sending the defective item!! It was so intuitive of them and I wanted to shout the same to the world so that more people get to know about these levels of service and support. India Inc need to learn a lot from such incidents and I don’t want to spoil this well inspired article with my experience with much high value Indian products…?!!


Anonymous said...

that is really great.. I had a similar experience for washing machine...

PaddyPal said...

Thx for the comment. However, if you can put at least your name, it will be helpful to recognize you and if you can mention the name of the brand, that'll be useful to the readers - Padmanabhan Bhaskaran

Anonymous said...

Good one..This shows how the customer satisfication is very important. Thanks for sharing this.

Girish Aliyath

Sam said...

Great to hear of your experiences. What I have seen is that most companies want to move the heaven and Earth to win over customers by providing an excellent quality of support but that gets lost in the hierarchy of unmotivated staff. But then again what is a company without it's staff so in one way the problem lies with the company for not inculcating the practice of owning up problems of customers as their own problem..