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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Nostalgic Sivarathri - 2010

I’m excited to write about participating in ‘Sivarathri’ celebrations at Pallassana after such a long time! ‘Hats off ’ to Chandru and his young team…..Thanks a lot guys!

I’m not able to express the joy I felt when I joined them on the day, quite a coincidence?! Not really…I met Kannan (Kongassery) at Secunderabad station on the day of my departure and he reminded me of the event and told me that he may also take a short break from work to join there..! So I kept up the date and went to our nostalgic ‘mannam’ after a long time….!

Let me quickly put my points of appreciation and correlate to our golden days….

1) The felicitations of people who contributed extensively to bring laurels to ‘Pallassana’. It was really appealing to see the age range of people, who were felicitated….it was a fabulous cross section of our small village!
2) ‘Kavettam’ was another interesting innovative programme, which went in synch with the tradition of ‘New Exposures’, which was initiated during our golden days! People who were with us on those days were cherishing those moments when we have exposed our innocent village audience to the ‘world of miming’, ‘Mass Hypnotism’ and ‘Fusion Vocal Concert’, year after year…..Let me bow in respect to our team and the togetherness…! ‘Kavettam’ too was such an experience! I could see many glittering widened eyes amongst our sweet, curious ‘Desam’ audience!!
3) Kudos to Vasudevan (Sreekuttan) and his young team to have conceived, developed, practiced and presented such an insightful short drama within such a short period! I really loved the work….!! It was more like a ‘one act play’ though it was spread over few scenes.
4) The dances were definitely good, but were not spectacular, owing to the lack of live vocals! The dances by the tiny tots were obviously fanta-fabulous!!

Once again, I would like to thank as well as congratulate Chandru, Sreekuttan, Ponnan, Sivan and the entire team for conducting such a nostalgic event…!

To conclude, let me thank each one of them, who supported this event by contributing to make this programme a reality….!

May ‘Ponnin Kiratha Moorthy’ Shower his blessings on one and all….



Thanks Pappan ji, I feel proud on my team... !! It is very happy to know that our efforts "Rang Laaya"...thanks for the support and coments.

Anonymous said...

Ponin kirathamoorthi sahayam
Thank you pappettan
hari andhure

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I wish I could be there to have a blast with the teens of Keerthi and to be a part of those spectacular moments. Good goin guys.. I Thank all the significant persons who planned, performed and contributed to make this event a great success.

Note: Dint get any snaps or videos of the program. Hope we would be able to see it soon.