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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Come few more days and my lens & frames will see this world from the perspective of a 40 year old (or young?!) and may be it evolves to be different….God knows…!!

This gives an opportunity to discuss about a dream project of mine, now shared by few of my friends as well, who are also working hard from their end to make this happen…!!
Our vision is to have a series of sustainable knowledge hubs offering services to bridge the rural – urban divide and bring India, few inches forward towards achieving more inclusive growth in this golden era of changing world dynamics. These hubs are conceived & designed as a chain of hermitages, which accommodates our elders with an aim of predominantly giving them mental comfort rather than just a string of physical comforts.

I was in Kerala recently to have a series of discussions with various people who are very serious about this project and keen on associating with this at different levels of involvement. All the previous social development projects I had conceived and executed in the past are with a strong & binding factor of ‘built – in’ sustainability element. Now, each such unit is designed to run on its own, without any external funding for its operations.

It is envisaged to graduate into a very classical and niche centre of excellence in the fields of performing art forms, with associations/ affiliations to International/ Indian universities, Institutions or Organizations of culture and heritage.

We would like to welcome people and their inputs in this regard personally from those who are interested to serve the old & young generations together…!!

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Chandra Sekharan Menon said...

Dear Padmanabhan
Good vision indeed. Count me too, though as you said, I am 72yrs (old or young) to this project. I hope I will be of some help for you
Chandra Sekharan (Thottankara)