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Monday, December 22, 2008

Aftermath of Mumbai - 26/11

This is a very sad moment in the lives of all of us from India….!!! However, we have to face this phase in life and respond to our surroundings in responsible manner.

At the outset, let me salute the martyrs of this attack in the order that follows.....

1) Those innocent citizens of India, who succumbed to the hate game of invisible enemy who programmed the whole activity taking advantage of our corrupt & inefficient system and the office bearers of it ( May it be politicians, may it be inefficient bureaucrats).

2) The staff of those hotels, who did not mind about their lives, but chose to guide and reach as many to safety. Many of them let their lives in the process….!! I salute them from my heart for they had options to safety, but chose the other way.

3) Those Security Personnel (Police, ATS, NSG and all of them), who lost their lives during when the were doing their duty brave heartedly and selflessly and ofcourse,

4) The brave journalists who reported the incident to the nation, gambling with their life and with lot of integrity and intelligence by not showing certain parts live as it would have hampered the purpose and the direction of the operation and of course, for bringing all those cared together and to make a consensus on the issue, which had shaken the intelligent politico and made them cautious as well.

However, the fools remained fools and got trapped themselves into lot of mess by their own hollow lip service, which other wise they would have got away with some excuses or a U turn & apology…!!!

Now, let us scrutinize some important facts emerged out of discussions, statements and very sad incidents in the last 4 – 5 days.

a) Anger against politicians…

A very understandable anger against the political class and their insensitive statements are seen across the country….Every one who deals with it is still glorifying the response in connection with this particular incident and looking it very superficially. But this nation wide response has much more under current than what is seen outside….!! It is an outburst of the people who had suffered a lot, in the name of corruption, pseudo secularism and the lack of sensitivity, intelligence and competence by the political class. However, we should understand that even though the uncouth and bleak politico are blamed for lack of accountability and on top of that their controversial comments and statements made them fools in front of the citizens, the real inefficiency is of the system and the bureaucracy which is by and large, inefficient, obsolete and incompetent. So the ire against politicians is only the ire against ‘Shikhandi’ of Mahabharatha. Hence, the urgent need is to re-engineer the system in terms of technological sophistication and a competent & dynamic bureaucratic leadership as well as the team. The lack of an integrated umbrella agency on top of the various agencies across the country to guide and initiate action on the basis of the intelligence reports is causing damage in terms of delay or denial of action despite receiving enough intelligence inputs from various sources. Hence such an agency has to be constituted and empowered to monitor the action taken by the various executing agencies and each agency should be held accountable for their action & inaction.

b) A B Bardhan’s comment expressing concern and fear over the reactions of the people and he was very critical about the same. Even M A Naqvi meant the same, but could not express in proper words and fell prey to his own insensitivity

Instead of being critical about the response of the people across the nation, why don’t one look at the political class, who had abused the power, position and their clout indiscriminately over and over for such a long period, regardless of the political outfit they belong to and without even a glare of sensitivity towards the people of this country who actually positioned each one of them in their respective places, whether big or small..!!As he rightly pointed out, it is a dangerous signal to ignore, but the action/ reciprocation is bound to happen from his colleagues from each outfit, by changing their ways and becoming more accountable and transparent in whatever they do. Can he assure it in this mindless world of populist and opportunistic politics…?!! If he does not initiate this process, what he intended or may be more than what he meant may happen and it would demoralize the faith in the largest democracy of the world very soon and the repercussions may be out of any one’s control. Let us constructively do everything to avoid such an impact.

c) The systemic failure and the inability to plug it.

This is an alarming fact, which was admitted by our governance publicly by multiple numbers of Politicians, Ministers and the Bureaucrats. However, the alarming fact is that our reaction to the situation is not quick enough and still the blame game is going on, instead of constructive action.

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PaddyPal said...

very thought provoking....!! expect more of the kind..! - R Kulkarni